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Founded September 2013

Currently standing at 18 active accounts in the guild (Last updated 30th May 2018)

Essentially, we are an endgame raiding guild. We're made up of experienced players, character builders, raid leaders and power-gamers. We focus heavily on looking to improve our teamwork dynamics through the use of strategy and planning. With the introduction of reaper difficulty we have moved away from speed-running achievements and now chiefly focus on mid-high reaper difficulty.

If your interesting in joining here are some things to know and some things we require:

  • You must have a working microphone
  • We use TeamSpeak & voice communications avidly
  • A functional understanding of English for DDO, both spoken and written, is required
  • We do not endorse item duping/reusing or any bannable exploits
  • We expect our members to strive to not only improve their mechanical skills, but their teamwork skills and game knowledge too



Please do not use the "apply" feature of this website, contact members in game or on the DDO forums for more recruitment info!

If you are already playing on Ghallanda, we want to see you in action and get to know you, so join us on our guild raids and ask for our TeamSpeak (TS) details. The raid schedule can be found on this site. You're also welcome to group with us while we are leveling our toons, TS is the best place for that info. After we feel we know who you are, we will let you know if you are accepted to the guild. The faster we get to know you, the faster we are able to give you a full membership. So hang out on our TS server as much as possible and try to group with us!

If you're not playing on Ghallanda and are considering transfering your main toon(s), you will need to spend some time in our TS server to give our members a chance to meet you. Once we feel we know who you are a decision will be made if we accept your application, prior to your transfer. You will be made a full member once your toon arrives on Ghallanda.