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#13794999 Jun 15, 2018 at 07:09 PM
18 Favored Soul, 2 Monk
Lawful Good Half-Elf

Starting ability scores (36 points):
STR: 8
DEX: 14 (need +5 DEX tome for IPS)
CON: 16
INT: 12
WIS: 18 + 7 from level ups
CHA: 8

Feat list:
Level 1: Point Blank Shot + Follower of the Silver Flame + Dilettante: Monk
Level 2: Knowledge of Battle
Level 3: Rapid Shot
Level 5: Energy absorbtion: ACID
Level 6: Heighten Spell
Level 7: Stout of Heart
Level 9: Quicken Spell
Level 10: Energy absorbtion: FIRE
Level 12: Precise Shot
Level 15: Improved Precise Shot + Energy absorbtion: COLD
Level 18: Necromancy Spell Focus
Level 19: Zen Archery
Level 20: Deflect Arrows
Level 21: Completionist/Enlarge Spell
Level 24: Burst of Glacial Wrath
Level 26: Toughness
Level 27: Embolden Spell
Level 28: Mass Frog
Level 29: Doubleshot
Level 30: Epic Toughness + Scion of Feywild

Exalted Angel, with most points put into wisdom for the +7 to spell dcs.

Twits, Necromancy focus, Wisdom, Wisdom, Acute instincts (+2 wisdom when drinking rage pot)

The main focus of this build is for high reaper content. It provides groups with amazing cc from arcane archer paralyzing, excellent healing, as well as high dcs for instakill. This build isn't about maxing out dps but rather supporting the party as a whole making it easier to take down targets. The hardest thing for this build is not having anyone to run it with, due to its lower dps. This would most likely be my main character to play in raids and endgame content due to the fact that I am currently working on my racial past lives. I do plan to go to 30 every tr and stay cap for a week or two to farm some reaper xp.

Favored soul was the first class I played when I started DDO. Sometimes I change this build to a pure 20 fvs to heal raids, thou no as much anymore due to the amount of self healing people get in game now.
I am currently leveling a gnome 10 rogue 6 fighter 4 art int based t5 mech build who is a triple class completionist.
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#13795026 Jun 15, 2018 at 07:42 PM
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I used to play an 18 Fvs 2 Monk centered DC Caster but have dropped the evasion for the capstone and for more caster levels on my heals and spells. The biggest thing I can say is going for CC with the bow is nice but ultimately takes away from being able to properly heal or CC/Instakill with spells. If you want to go for a CC archer build I would recommend dropping some fvs levels. The other thing I would recommend if you want to play CC and heals is to just go pure. I play a pure CC Fvs and my Evo hits around 140 for soundburst, burst of glacial wrath, implosion and then I use cometfall and great command as alternate forms of CC not to mention Hold Person. I know a lot about Fvs so if you have any other questions let me know im always up for a conversation.
I guess so
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