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#13898649 Nov 13, 2018 at 08:15 AM
Hey I've finally made the plunged and transferred to ghallanda. I was a guildie of renowned on thelanis, and I know Morkass and Sidrin. Over the last 6 months or so I've been on multiple hiatus' from the game due to not liking the direction it was headed in, as well as, the depleted endgame community in thelanis.

My main toon is for the moment a DC caster warlock. I have alts that I'll be bringing over as well including: a thrower, healer, and an assassin.

As far as my game strengths go, I'm a quick learner, good listener, and I would consider myself to be a strategic player (I can reverse engineer builds, analyze whether something will be strong by numbers, etc.). I'm a largely by the numbers type of player, which includes spreadsheets and in some cases even mock simulation comparisons for builds. Lastly, I'm a pretty positive person especially when it comes to tackling achievement type runs, or difficult content.

I'm based in the USA, specifically UTC -7 for the moment. However, I can make most raid days and times if I have advanced notice.

Looking forward to playing and getting to know you folk, if you give me the chance!

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