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[Pinned] Applicants, Read Before Posting

Please use this forum to post your current endgame build as discussed during your interview. If this isn't viable for whatever reason, please write up a previous build you have played at endgame. These are some guidelines for your build write-up, ...
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Thiralas' Tempest

Thiralas20 Ranger Aasmiar ScourgeSTR 8 DEX 18 CON 17INT 14WIS 11CHA 8 I have +7 tomes on all stats. All level ups to Dex.Feats:1: Precision1c: Favored Enemy: Evil Outsider3: Weapon Finesse5c: Favored Enemy: Aberration6: Completionist9: IC: Pierc...
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Tempest Build

Butchh Cassidy 20 Ranger Aasmiar ScourgeSTR 16 (+7)DEX 15 (+7)CON 16 (+7)INT 15 (+7)WIS 10 (+7)CHA 8 (+8)All level up points into STRFeats:1: Power Attack (Swap for Precision at cap)1c: Favored Enemy: Giant3: Dodge5c: Favored Enemy: Orc6: Proficie...
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Czzarinae - 18 fvs / 2 monk

18 Favored Soul, 2 MonkLawful Good Half-Elf Starting ability scores (36 points):STR: 8DEX: 14 (need +5 DEX tome for IPS)CON: 16INT: 12WIS: 18 + 7 from level upsCHA: 8Feat list:Level 1: Point Blank Shot + Follower of the Silver Flame + Dilettante:...
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Blitzerkreig's Monk

Half-OrcTrue Neutral/Lawful GoodStr: 10Dex: 16Con: 16Int: 13 (Twelve if you have tomes)Wis: 15Cha: 6Feats:1. Power Attack/TWF2. Dodge3. Mobility/Fists of Light6. Spring Attack/Combat Expertise9. Whirlwind Attack12. ITWF15. GTWF18. IC: Bludgeoning2...
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Favorite Soul Dc / light damage build

Sun Elf Neutral goodStr: 8Dex: 8Con: 14Int: 12Wis: 15Cha: 18 ( maxed with Leveling)Feats:1. Empower3. Quicken 6. Heighten 9. Pastlife Sorc 12. Spell Pen 15. Greater Spell Pen18.Spell focus Evocation 21 . Epic spell Pen24. Intensify26. Epic Light ...
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Current gameplay

Hi. Im considering switching servers to G-Land to find a more active group of players to join. I spoke with 2 members in Omipresence and I recorded a vid of me in a quest.I'd appreciate any and all advice and comments to help improve 😀
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Wizard Build

Neutral, Gnome 20th level Wizard, 5 magister, 5 epic (30th level)Strength: 19 (6 base, +7 tome, +2 completionist feat (heroic), +1 racial, +1 exceptional (globe), +2 Reaper (Helm)Dexterity: 21 (8 base, +7 tome, +2 completionist feat (heroic), +1 ...
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Bloodykill's build - Punchie Monk

HumanLawful NeutralAbility Points:Str: 8Dex: 16Con: 16Int: 14Wis: 16Cha: 8Monk 20 Feats:1: TWF, Dodge, Mobility2: Precision3: Stunning Fist, Fists of Light6: Combat Expertise, Spring Attack9: ITWF12: IC: Bludgeoning15: GTWF18: Whirlwind Attack21: ...
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Mech Rogue

Race: HumanLevel order: Rogue 1-2, Artificer 3-4, the rest Rouge I went with the 2 Arti for use of rune arms, ability to make my own builds and the free feat rapid reloadAbility Stats:Str: 8Dex: 16Con: 17Int: 17 + level upsWis: 8Cha: 8Skills:Rouge...
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relakks' build

Hi,This is just a plain jane kensai build. relakks has spent most of his life as a barbarian but now they just feel weak compared to fighters so here we are.Went with Horc since we lost dual boosting. Since beating on held mobs is back in fashion ...
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Enchant Sorcerer

Lucidadeath - Sorc EnchantSorcerer 20True Neutral Drow Stats 32pt Tome Level Up ---- ---- --------Strength 8 +7 4: CHADexterity 10 +7 8: CHAConstitution 14 ...
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Firewyvern's Build

Halfling Pure Sorcerer 20Epic Destiny- DraconicTwists1.Sigil of Battering Spellcraft2.Empyrean Magic3. Flames of Purity4. Rej. CocoonFire DPS caster BuildStats (36 point build) (+6 tomes on each)Str 8Dex 10Con 17Int 11Wis 10Cha 18 (+7 Level Ups)S...
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SOS Dancer

Was created before at the beggining or reaper difficulty, can do human, bladeforged is good for self heal at low level reaper difficulty, best done with ESOS, can use other greatswords, will work just fine, be LD or ED, always PRR for blitz,have d...
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Crossbow Builds Discussion

Build #1Gnome True Neutral 8 Rogue / 6 Ranger / 6 ArtificerDEX 16CON 16INT 20FeatsEnhancements (very tight)Couple of ways to do enhancements, both are painfully tight.Screenshot is of t5 Battle Engineer, definitely not ideal t5, but have mos...
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Gearing Progression U34

Gearing Progression Random Generated.If you need something in particular shoot me a tell. I have 2 toons full of random gen.Named Items.See Atheok's previous gear guide.Cannith Crafted.This stuff is 95% of the power of Slavers gear and more flexib...
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Sorc Tank

Bladeforged Lawful GoodStatsSTR 16 +2lvl upsDEX 06CON 16INT 16WIS 06CHA 16 +5lvl upsFeatsPACleavegCleaveQuickenIC:PierceShield MasteryMithral Body-OCImp Shield MasteryBlinding Speed-Perfect TWFForced EscapeImages
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elven ranger6/monk6/fighter8

Elf Lawful6 Monk 6 Ranger 8 Fightercentered with Rapier and LongbowStats:16 str +5tome +2lvlup +1globe +8item +2rams +2ship +2insight =3818 dex +5tome +5lvlup +1globe +2enh +10item +3insight +4stance +2ship =5014 con +5tome +1globe +10item +2insig...
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Support Build

Half-ElfBard 14 / Ranger 4 / Rogue 2Party Buffs:Blur, Freedom of Movement, Feather Fall, GreaseSongs:Damage bonus: 9---------------3 Inspire Courage3 Sharp Note2 Fighting Spirit1 Echoes of the Ancestor's PrimalAttack Bonus: 13----------------3...
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i havent come up with the build yet.. but check it out.

1) potential power house... got "the akuma"...
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